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Living dangerously since 1975

Iiro Seppanen

Adventurer - retired pioneer BASE-jumper and wingsuit pilot
Iiro Seppänen has always followed his passion, seamlessly blending it with an entrepreneurial drive that has led to success across numerous fields. From dropping out of school to becoming a world-famous magician, to a professional base jumper and pioneering wingsuit pilot, Iiro’s dynamic career is a testament to his versatility and dedication.
His visionary leadership in the World Wingsuit League (WWL) earned it recognition as one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2012, highlighting his ability to push boundaries and engage global audiences. His ventures into Hollywood and beyond have further showcased his innovative spirit. As a producer on feature films like “Freelancers,” starring Robert DeNiro, 50 Cent, and Forest Whitaker, and through his live events in China that have reached millions, Iiro continues to captivate and inspire.

Iiro Seppanen:

Embracing the philosophy of 3777 has been nothing short of transformative for me.

Through the lens of mortality, I’ve found liberation from the superficial pursuits that once consumed me. Instead of chasing fleeting goals, I now prioritize the richness of each moment, finding joy in the simplest of experiences.

BASE-jumping catalyzed this profound shift, thrusting me into a realm where fear and exhilaration coexist. Confronting mortality head-on forced me to confront my priorities and values, reshaping the trajectory of my life in the process.

Today, I no longer fear death but rather embrace the inevitability of it as a reminder to live fully. Every sunrise is a gift, every relationship a treasure, and every dream a beacon guiding my path forward.

As I continue to navigate the journey of life, I carry with me the wisdom of 3777, a philosophy that empowers me to live boldly, love deeply, and embrace each moment with gratitude.


Iiro Seppänen recalls a life changing accident.

“My injury was the most terrifying tragedy I had ever faced,” Seppänen recalls solemnly, his voice carrying the weight of his experience. It was around Christmas in 2001 when the nearly fatal Base jump occurred during a road trip in Arizona. Courthouse Rock in the desert beckoned, its summit promising the thrill of a leap into the unknown.

“I was pretty inexperienced in the sport at that time and didn’t fully understand the dangers involved,” Seppänen admits, reflecting on his younger, more reckless self. “I approached the jump rather carelessly. I was wearing sneakers, shorts, I think I didn’t even have a helmet.”

His recollection of the jump itself is vivid, a series of heart-stopping moments etched into his memory forever. “I jumped, tried to push off as far as possible, and immediately understood what my friends had been talking about because it looked exactly like that rock ledge would bite my head.”

The impact with the rock wall was catastrophic. “I remember the sounds. I think I heard my leg snap. I heard a thud. I feel like I slid or landed against the wall for a moment. I don’t know exactly what happened. I just waited for the moment when either everything would end or my fall would stop.”

The scene that followed was one of desperation and pain, as Seppänen lay injured and bleeding in the remote desert, waiting for help to arrive. Hours passed before rescue reached him, his leg mangled and his future uncertain.

“When the helicopter was able to transport me to the hospital, I was rushed into surgery,” Seppänen recounts, the memories still raw. “Months passed until I started to get back on my feet properly. The hardest part has been motivating myself when you’re knocked down, figuring out how to get back up, be a stronger and wiser version of myself.”

Yet, Seppänen saw this accident not as a curse, but as a profound opportunity for growth. “That experience taught me resilience and the power of a positive mindset,” he says with conviction. “After years had passed, I learn how to accept my injury stoically, seeing it as a chance to rebuild myself, both physically and mentally. This adversity became a turning point, shaping me into someone who embraces challenges and transforms them into stepping stones for success. Each setback has fueled my drive to live fully and inspire others to find strength in their struggles. Today, I look back and realize that surviving that fall wasn’t just about overcoming physical pain—it was about igniting an unbreakable spirit.”


We believe that the single most important thing in any person’s life is finding their passion.


By confronting the reality of our mortality, we unlock the potential to experience life in its fullest.


Let me share how this perspective has transformed my own journey.


Let me share how this perspective has transformed my own journey.


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