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"Keep your hopes up high and your head down low."



A master of the skies.

Dan Darby


Dan Darby 3777 Ronin:

Daniel “Dan” Darby has been skydiving for more than twelve years, with over 2000 wingsuit jumps on various-sized suits. He has over 1100 BASE jumps, including over 400 wingsuit BASE jumps all over the world.

In addition to being Arcus Flight’s resident Wingsuit expert (instructor, coach, organizer, etc.), Dan is also a Squirrel Next Level instructor and is an experienced wingsuit organizer for camps and boogies. He is based out of Skydive DeLand, where he also works as an AFFI, Tandem Instructor, and videographer, and he can be found working at iFLY as a tunnel instructor, too.

He specializes in working with newer wingsuiters, both in developing skills for small-suit PPC competitions and flying safely with others. Dan has also competed as a member of the US Wingsuit Team in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and will be competing at the 2021 Mondial in Tanay, Siberia. In 2019 Dan attended the 8th World Wingsuit League competition at Tianmen Mountain in China. Additionally, Dan holds the Skyderby world wingsuit speed record.


Dan Darby reflects on 3777:

3777 played a significant role in introducing me to the world of BASE jumping. I was captivated by early Jeb and Iiro videos, even before YouTube existed, when they were privately hosted. While I had an interest in airsports before, observing the original team’s approach to jumping showcased the true extent of what was possible.

Since then, I’ve forged my own path in sports, always remaining authentic to myself and embracing the philosophy of living in the present moment. Despite the inherent risks, I refuse to let the fear of death hinder me from pursuing my dreams.


Dan Darby on importance of coaching in skydiving

In the realm of wingsuiting, Daniel “Dan” Darby emerges as a seasoned voice of experience, advocating for the pivotal role of coaching in navigating the complexities of the sport. With over two decades of skydiving and wingsuiting expertise, Darby emphasizes the transformative impact of mentorship on one’s journey from novice to proficient flyer.

Recognizing the Dunning-Kruger effect’s stronghold on many skydivers approaching the 200-jump milestone, Darby highlights the perilous perch atop “Mount Stupid.” This cognitive bias often leads individuals to overestimate their competence and underestimate the intricacies of wingsuit flying. Through targeted coaching, Darby guides enthusiasts through the valley of despair to the pinnacle of enlightenment, fostering a deeper understanding of the discipline’s nuances.

Darby underscores the invaluable role of coaching at various stages of a wingsuiter’s progression. From the initial post-First Flight Course (FFC) phase to grappling with inconsistent openings or mastering group formations, he advocates for the timely intervention of a qualified mentor. By aligning with a coach who resonates with their learning style and aspirations, wingsuiters can accelerate their growth trajectory and mitigate risks associated with premature upsizing or unfamiliar flying environments.

In addition to technical proficiency, Darby emphasizes the importance of selecting a coach attuned to one’s personal goals and flying style. Whether an individual thrives on repetitive jumps or seeks a deeper understanding of aerodynamics, finding a compatible mentor is paramount to maximizing the coaching experience.

Ultimately, Darby’s wisdom underscores the transformative potential of coaching in elevating one’s wingsuiting journey. As enthusiasts aspire to new heights and embrace diverse flying styles, the guidance of a seasoned mentor like Daniel Darby remains an indispensable compass in navigating the exhilarating skies of wingsuiting.


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